Home visit

It's super easy to get help. 50% off your price with RUT deduction.

With just the click of a few buttons you can schedule a Tech Trooper to a fixed price per ticket. No unnecessary chatter or negotiations.

  • Describe your ticket briefly.
  • Choose a time that suits you.
  • We help you in your home.


We offer secure payment and customer satisfaction guarantee

  • E-mail or phone

    We help remotely, you pay per ticket

    248 kr
  • Home visit

    We help on site, one ticket included

    449 kr
  • * One ticket included, additional tickets 124 kr per ticket.

    Pris med RUT-avdrag på 50%.

    Ordinary price is 898 kr. Additional tickets 248 kr per ticket.

  • ** 6 month period of notice

    On site support not included