How does Tech Troopers work?

Tech Troopers will help you with your home electronics. We offer high quality support at a set, affordable price per issue.

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What does the service cost?

Instead of charging per hour we charge you per issue we help you with. Help remotely is 248 kr per issue. A home visit is 449 kr (after RUT deduction, regular price 898 kr). Add ons are 124 kr (after RUT deduction, regular price 248 kr) so if you already have a home visit we can fix multiple issues at the same time.

You can also become a subscriber and pay a flat rate of 248 kr per month for as many remote issues as you like with a contract of six months.

You can pay using card, via Swish or we can invoice you (39 kr invoice fee, 10 days due date). Card payments are made directly on our site using your preferred card through our payment processor Stripe and Tech Troopers do not store your card information locally. For invoicing we use Billogram.

Can I use the RUT deduction


Read more about the RUT deduction here.

Is it the same person who provides the email/chat/phone support who will visit me for a home visit?

Yes, as often as possible the same person will help you, but you may have spoken to one of our Tech Troopers in Skåne and then need a house call in Gothenburg. In those cases, another Tech Trooper will come calling than the one who called you.

However, Tech Troopers always annotate each case carefully, so that their colleagues can continue or answer questions about your case, so that we can all help or answer any questions you may have about your issues.

What happens if something goes wrong or gets damaged?

We are insured at IF. If a Tech Trooper damage something during the support, we are fully insured.

Do you guarantee that my problem will be solved?

There is always a solution, but it is not always the one we have hoped for. We can always help you along, sometimes it's a button to pushed, sometimes something has to be bought and sometimes the solution is to realize why something is impossible and what to do instead.

There are assignments that are too big for us, but we will always tell you if that is the case. It never hurts to ask.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

It is important that you feel safe using Tech Troopers support. Therefore, we have created Tech Trooper's satisfaction guarantee. If we do not solve your technical problem or if you are dissatisfied with the end result, you can get your money back. The refund is made to the same credit card used when paying (remember it can take up to ten business days for the money to appear on your account).

Opening Hours:

Mån-Sön 8-20

Want to become a Tech Trooper?

Every Tech Trooper loves technology and IT, loves helping others and harbors a great understanding for what it means to give great service. If you resemble this description read more here about how you can become our next Tech Trooper!

Do you help business owners?

Yes. Tech Troopers can help you with your IT services so that you can focus on growing your business. Read more here!


We guarantee your satisfaction or your money back

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    J. Schulze

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    B. Lundin

  • Vi är såå nöjda med den hjälp vi fått av er. Tack för att ni finns.

    M. Kyrö

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Do you have what it takes to become a Tech Trooper?

Being a Tech Trooper is as simple as helping friends and family with technology hassles, the difference is that we provide you with tasks and you get paid every time you help a customer.