• E-mail or phone

    We help remotely, you pay per ticket

    499 kr
  • Home visit

    We help on site, one ticket included

    1 199 kr
  • * One ticket included, additional tickets 399 kr per ticket.


We guarantee your satisfaction or your money back

  • Presise, målrettet, faglig dyktige og behagelig dialog.

    H. Steen

  • Veldig bra!

    G. Thu

  • Min data hadde låst alle mine filer som skrivebeskyttet. Det var helt umulig å låse dem opp. Det tok Tech Troopers 5 min. Mange timers arbeid ble spart.

    S. Gjessing

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Do you have what it takes to become a Tech Trooper?

Being a Tech Trooper is as simple as helping friends and family with technology hassles, the difference is that we provide you with tasks and you get paid every time you help a customer.