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  • Proffesjonelle, dyktige og seriøse. Kan anbefales på det varmeste.

    T. Eide

  • Jeg er veldig fornøyd med responsen fra TechTroopers. De svarte raskt på min henvendelse - og løste mitt problem.

    M. Uhlving

  • Vennlig og profesjonell hjelp til å rydde opp i hjemmenettverket vårt. Også gode tips for å utvide nettet om vi skulle trenge det.

    R. Bruland

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Support solutions for everyone's needs

Doesn't matter where, or when. We'll help you!

Tech Troopers is the easiest way to get tech support. Our nationwide network is on stand-by to help at your convenient.

  • Network, WiFi and the smart home
  • Computers, gadgets and software
  • Smartphone and tables
  • Audio, video and streaming

Do you have what it takes to become a Tech Trooper?

Being a Tech Trooper is as simple as helping friends and family with technology hassles, the difference is that we provide you with tasks and you get paid every time you help a customer.